Christmas Carol Persuasive

Published: 2021-09-28 20:55:03
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Scrooge has changed after the three spirits showed him what happened, what was happening and what was going to happen. Before the three spirits casted by Jacob Marley came, Scrooge was a selfish, dismal man, he thought that Christmas was a waste of time and money.
Scrooge after the haunting however has turned into a jolly and generous man, Scrooge treated Christmas like it was beyond a great holiday. The Ghost of Christmas past changed Scrooge because she showed him all the bad things he has commited.The events that was showed to Scrooge made him realize what he has already done. He was taken to the town where he grew up, he saw himself as a young schoolboy and felt bad for the young Scrooge because he saw what he turned into. The Ghost of Christmas Past also showed the argument with his long lost love and Scrooge slightly older, Scrooge felt ashamed of himself since he got in that argument back then. This effected Scrooge which caused him to change but yet there is still more to come.The Ghost of Christmas Present showed Scrooge the events that were going on, Scrooge touched his robe and the went on a journey.
He first was taken his buisness partners Crachits home, Scrooge sees that they are going through tough times because Tiny Tim is trying to recover from a physical disease. The Crachits talk about Scrooge and how he treats Bob Crachit. The Crachits in honor of Scrooge gives a toast to him, and the Spirit takes Scrooge away into another place.Scrooges nephew and his wife were sitting, like the Crachits they were talking about Scrooge and how he treats him. Then the nephew just like the Crachits gave him a toast. The Ghost of Christmas present showed him of what other people did for him, this made Scrooge feel bad of what he has done. The Ghost of Christmas Future is what Scrooge feared the most.

Although the Spirit was silent it gave Scrooge a strong message of what is going to happen. When the spirit appeared Scrooge went on his knees and begged mercy for himself.The Spirit took him to a place where he saw Mrs. Dilber, Old Joe and a woman. They were selling Scrooge's possesions, he did not realize that they were his own possesions and he thought it was Jacob Marley's possesions. He then sees the Crachits all sad and waiting for his father, Tiny Tim died because he did not recover from his disability and Bob Crachit then came back from his funeral the family mourned, this made Scrooge feel horrible. The Ghost of Christmas Future then points to the grave of Scrooge himself.
Scrooge then begs and cries for mercy but then wakes up. This showed The changes that Scrooge made were clearly noticable, he was jolly and happy instead of being selfish and anti-social. He even proved that he has changed by having kids do him a favor and paying them. Scrooge really proved his generosity by noticing Bob Crachit was late, but instead of firing him Scrooge told him that he would raise his salary. So Scrooge learned and changed a lot from the three spirits.

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