Cause of Increasing Crime Rate in Cambodia

Published: 2021-09-28 21:40:03
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Cause of increasing crime rate in Cambodia: -Poverty: because most of the poor don’t have enough money to get education and food, so they will do whatever for getting food without thinking well like rob or steal someone. -Imbalance between rich and poor: As we can see in our social, there are a lot of poor people and the gap between rich and poor is very far. The rich have many cars in their house but the poor don’t have any cars even food to eat. Thus they will think it is not fair and try to steal or rob something from the rich. Lack of law power: in Cambodia, the law is not powerful and doesn’t fit with the crime so the offenders are not afraid of the law. For instance, some offenders who commit the rape just pay the compensation rather than go to jail.

-Too much influence of another culture: Nowadays another culture has influenced to our society very much such as clothes, movie, song, and so on. Therefore, many girls like wearing sexy clothes as the same as foreigners do which makes men want to have a sex then they commit the rape. Solution: Eliminate poverty: build many schools at rural area and no need the school fee so the poor can get the education for their future. Moreover, improve the rural condition because it can provide jobs for people to earn money to support themselves and their family. -Strengthen the law power: Make the law serious for people who commit the crime and make it fit to the types of crime so it can deters the people from committing or repeating the crime. -Prevent some bad influence of another culture: Prevent the porn movies traffic from outside or from internet because it is the cause of increasing rape crime.

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