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Published: 2021-09-28 17:00:04
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Format Papers must take the following format: * A4 paper (21 cm wide and 29 cm long) * 1. 5 cm for the left hand margin while 1 cm for the rest of the margins * Times New Roman, 12 point pitch, Align Justified * Double Spacing * Minimum length of 15 pages and maximum of 50 pages including figures, appendices and references * Leave a blank line between paragraphs but do not indent * Include page numbers at the upper right * Do not print anything in header or footer . 2 Structure Chapter titles must be centered in bold capitals. Following the information given in Executive Summary, it must not exceed 200 words. The main body of the paper will start at the page after the Table of Contents. It will be divided into chapters and sections (OPTIONAL).
Sections should be numbered using two digits and their title typed in bold typeface (E. g. 1. 3 Validation). A blank line must be left before each title except the new pages. All text must start at the left hand margin where new paragraphs should not be indented. 2 The order of the paper is as follows: 1.
The chapters of the main body of text should follow the format as indicated above. 2. The ACKNOWLEDGMENT(if required) and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (titled centered and in bold capital typeface) 3. The REFERENCES and APPENDICES (titled centered and in bold capital typeface) 1. 3 Table and Figures * In general tables and figures should be on the page where they are referred. Do not place them altogether at the end of the manuscript. Also, tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and should have informative titles, which make the data understandable without referring to the text.

For caption use 10 pt, Times New Roman, centered. Tables must be numbered sequentially and have a self explanatory title centered over the table. If a table is taken from a source, proper citation must be given otherwise it is considered as yours.* Figures must be drawn using a good quality software, NOT SIMPLY SCANNED; must be numbered sequentially and have a self explanatory title centered under the figure. All figures must be drawn properly and can be seen even without enlargement or reduction. Photographs must be of good quality. If a figure is taken from a source, proper citation must be given otherwise it is considered as yours.
Use footnotes carefully and place it on the lower right bottom on the page on which they are referred. Use Times New Roman, 8 point type, single spaced. 3 Table 1. Caption of table should be justified, with information understandable without reference to the text. Items| A| B| C| 1| 20| 23| 12| 2| 21| 24| 23| 3| 22| 12| 51| Figure 1. Caption of figure should be justified, with information understandable without reference to the text. 1.
4 Reports The Capstone Project final report must have the following: INTRODUCTION Project Context: What is interesting, valuable or original in this project?Purpose and Description: What is this project and why do we need this project? Objectives: Should be measurable using the result of this project. 4 Scope and Limitation: This will set your boundaries for the project. Scope deals with what your project can do, while limitation deals with what your project can’t do. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE: This part will explain recent research that will support the project’s research. It will not showcase what other researchers have done. METHODOLOGY Requirements Analysis: This part will discuss the requirements set by the client (user of the system/website/network).Use Case Diagram and Narrative (O/Information System), Entity Relationship Diagram, Data Dictionary and other necessary data will be discussed to elaborate the requirements.
Design of Software, Systems, and/or Processes: After setting the requirements, the student should discuss the design of their projects either it is a software, system and/or processes. Network Floor Layout (Network Design and Implementation), Routing Table (Network Design and Implementation), Context Diagram (if applicable), Data Flow Diagram (if applicable), Functional Partitioning (if applicable) and other necessary data should be illustrated and discussed. Description of the Prototype: In this part, how model is used in the project will be discussed. For Online/Information Systems, software life cycle such as Water Fall Model, Rapid Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, etc. For Websites, Joomla and/or other open source. For Network Design and Implementation, network type/classification, architecture and other necessary data will be illustrated and discussed. Development and Testing: This part will confer the turn of events during the development and testing of the system and/or process.
Bugs, errors, other constraints and solutions to these problems should be discussed. Implementation Plan (if applicable): A schedule both agreed by the client and the student/researcher must be planned and illustrated using a Gantt Chart. A detailed discussion on implementation schedule should be highlighted on this part. Implementation Results (if applicable): A discussion on the results during implementation, bugs, errors and other constraints experienced. Solutions to these problems should also be discussed. 6RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: This will discuss the project’s result and Analysis Report. CONCLUSION: Refer to page 14 RECOMMENDATION: Refer to page 15 1.
5 Reference Ensure that the references cited in the text are also present in the reference list and vice versa. In the body of the documents are referred by author’s surname with the year of publication in parenthesis. If the quotation itself is in parenthesis, the year of publication is separated by comma. If the reference has more than two authors, only the surname and initials of the first author followed by et al. n italics will appear in the body of the text. The citation should appear in the text as the author(s) last name(s) followed by the year of publication in bracket, e. g.
Cortez et al. (1996), Heng et al (2007), Cortez and Muin (2008), Cortez and Saadat (2008), and Cortez (2002). To complete the paper, references must be given alphabetically by author’s surname including surname(s) and initial of author(s), separated by comma, year of publication in parenthesis, title of paper, title and volume of the journal in bold typeface, and first and last pages.In case of books, the title of the book must be in bold typeface, the first letter is capitalized; the publisher and the city/town of publication must be indicated. 7 Unpublished results and personal communications should not be in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. Citation of a reference as 'in press' implies that the item has been accepted for publication. A list of reference should be given at the end of the text in alphabetical order of first author's last names and then further sorted chronologically if necessary.
More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified by the letters "a", "b", "c", etc. , placed after the year of publication Citing and listing of web references. As a minimum, the full URL should be given. Any further information, if known (author names, dates, reference to a source publication, etc. ), should also be given. Web references can be listed separately (e. g.
, after the reference list) under a different heading if desired, or can be included in the reference list. For anonymous reports and standards, alphabetize by the issuing institution.The reference list must be summarized at the end of the main text. Make sure reference information is complete and accurate in the following order: last names and initials of all authors; year of publication; title of paper, report, or book chapter; title of book or periodical; volume and issue numbers; name and location of publisher (for books), name and location of publisher or sponsor (for proceedings); and inclusive page numbers. 8 The following examples present some of the most typical cases of referencing at the end of the paper; please follow them as strictly as possible. )

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