Budget and Operational Budgeting

Published: 2021-09-28 12:55:03
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What are the four major types of agency budgeting systems? The four types of agency budgeting systems are capitol budgeting, operational budgeting, personnel budgeting, expendables and accountable. The relative advantage between these is they have a need to be the foundation for the company. These are what help the company as far as pay, salary and uniforms. This budgeting system allows for the company to figure out what will be needed to perform certain jobs and how many of what might be needed for an operation.
Capitol Budgeting Capitol budgeting is part of an agency budget that pays for the long lasting agency asserts. This asserts include the building for which the company will work in. Durable goods also come in under this budget which will be the equipment that has to be long lasting. These funds are treated separate from other categories of funds. Without this budget it leaves a company with no work place. There has to be a work place for the staff to come together. Operational BudgetingOperational budgeting involves the development of financial plans for the organization, typically for a year.
While annual budgets need not be subdivided into shorter periods, monthly or quarterly budgets are especially useful for anticipating cash needs and for comparing actual experience with plan. A comprehensive master budget requires planning for all phases of the operation. (Operational Budgeting, 2005) This budget will include salaries of the personnel that work for the company.It also cover the water bill, electric, gasoline, supplies, postage and other expendable items that are in this category. Personnel Budgeting Personnel Budgeting is for all personnel that work for the company from office worker, field worker, and janitorial staff. This budget includes the salaries, training, medical, and all taxes withheld. This budget is important due to the company needs a staff to run operations for certain task.

Then personnel also need to be trained on how to perform the job the correct way. Expendable and AccountableExpendable is a needed budget to see what supplies will be needed. Since most law enforcement job have tons of office work the items that this budget would cover is paper, pens, clips, and folders. This budget is used to see what is consumed. Then there is accountable this would budget the uniforms, weapons, and equipment such as; scanner, and computers. Accountable budget will be looked at as for property with greater value. Personal Thoughts The four of the budgets covered in this paper run hand and hand with each other.
The reason I view them as a part of each other is for the simple fact that is they are all are needs of a company. A company has to have supplies, equipment and some type of dress code such as a uniform. A budget is needed for every company and there are many different levels that a company must budget on from putting their needs first to then what the company might want. At some point and time a budget can be gone over meaning that there might have been more training need or more paper used due to more reports need to be done that why I covered the expendables and accountable.

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