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Published: 2021-10-01 11:10:05
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It helps them to stay connected to can toner Day Monitoring auto ally matters Ana routines. Blackberry Is in the mobile phone industry since almost 10 years. It has a 42% market share. They firmly believe that their customers deserve to have the latest technology and most innovative navigation systems. In the modern times, the customers are very technological savvy. They are demanding such mobiles phones which are equipped with all latest innovations. The purpose of this report is to study and evaluate the marketing strategy which is being used by Blackberry. External and internal factors which make up the STOW analysis are also mentioned.
This will help the firm to maximize their profitability. This report gives an in-depth study and evaluation of Blackberry's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the market and how they should overcome it. In order to sustain and expand the market share for success, Blackberry needs to alter its marketing strategies. This will enable them to have a control over the next generation of their target markets. If they fail to satisfy the needs of customers, they may face huge losses. They must always come up with ewe strategies to increase brand awareness and positive brand image among its customers.
This is the reason why these mobile phones are really popular among corporate users. They need to travel a lot along with their highly private and confidential documents which are usually stored in their mobile phones. Many governmental agencies also prefer to use it. These include the CIA, FBI and other investigation departments. These phones have an internally built, encrypted security. Due to this it is used by agencies to handle sensitive information cases. S Blackberry always focused mainly on one target market. They have always tried to attract a huge market share from the corporate industry.

For this purpose, they had to come up with an absolutely unremarkable security quality as its unique selling proposition. But unfortunately, when other competitors like Samsung and Apple introduced their smart phones with enhanced security features, Blackberry could not cope up with their booming popularity. Besides this, Samsung and Apple took full advantage of Blackberry's target market. When they observed that they were only paying attention to their corporate customers, they introduced easy-to-use interface ND simple applications.
They started producing for the customers other than the corporate world. Blackberry has a profitable and well-rewarding opportunity regarding controlling their huge customer base. They can move into targeting another market segment Instead AT corporate employees only. I Nils will Nell teen to nave a strong customer share before introducing any new products. The management should consider the option of imitating the strategy which is already being followed by Samsung and Apple. They should start the process of assimilating third party applications and eaters into their own Blackberry sets.
THREATS Initially Blackberry was considered to be the unique and innovative smart phone. But gradually both its competitors, Samsung and Apple, moved forward and won the race of introducing a user-friendly smart phone. They were able to do so by cornering a good amount of market share. Nowadays the advancements in technology are rapidly changing. Consumer preferences also change due to technological adaptations. The mobile phone industry is an extremely volatile market. Blackberry needs to revivalist itself from the wilting momentum of competition.
MARKET POTENTIAL Blackberry has a target market of business professionals. These customers prefer to have such a phone which may assist them in timely decision making. They want to have automatic alerts and updated data. Such customers are even willing to pay more for the latest technological change. Corporate employees who use Blackberry are often assumed to be very active leaders. They have a high income and like to purchase expensive products for personal use. They are more satisfied by using products which are fashionable and considered to be the must-have gadget.

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