Backend Operational Functionality

Published: 2021-10-01 10:05:05
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The backend operational functionality seems to make the site easy to manage on the main page for visitors. If the person visiting the site is a member, however, the login is located at the bottom of the page instead of a login box on the main page. The other backend functions work well besides this issue and allow for downloads of past newsletters and other information. Retrieval of the lost login information provided through the email address with a simple form entry. Overall, the OATA scored a 3. 3 in backend operation.
Maintenance issues include the link for the Members Login and other information that Athletic Trainers may want to know about including classes. Other aspects for backend functionality scored a “0” since the site updates cannot commence remotely nor is it hosted across a secure server. The password protection feature enabled by the site and the taxonomy manages efficiently. Community Development 11/55 The OATA website lacks community development in many areas. Users have no way for uploading their own content or any other functions that many websites offer.
There exists no way for interested members to email instructors regarding class information. Only the name for the course instructor shows on the course information page but the email and contact information for the instructor does not display on the page. The member directory is only available for members and contacts. The current executive committee is available for contact through email from the website by clicking on the title of their position. While it may be useful to direct some comments toward the executive committee, there is no link for contacting the website administrator except through the feedback link.

In order to link the secretary to the website and any other information needed, a visitor would have to click on the “Organizational Documents” to reach the Organizational Chart and see the responsibilities handled by each Executive committee member. The opportunity for community development through many public uses would make the website increase in functionality. An inclusion of a forum and blog would heighten user interaction with current issues in the OATA organization and increase awareness for the organization’s goals.
Additionally, community interaction through these inclusions on the website would bring about a heightened sense of awareness and more alignment with the organization’s goals from their mission statement. The main goals and presence of the company are lost through the non-inclusion of these community development resources. Branding is important to a company by re-iterating what their goals and mission statement is to the community. This is lost across the website without some form of interaction through the community.

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