Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees

Published: 2021-09-28 13:45:04
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How many of each type of therapist will the company need? Can not estimate the amount of staffing needed to staff the therapist do to patients needs, without number of patients. b. How will it prevent therapists from “burning out”? Cross training per therapists unlikely to be burnout since they are floating among the five nursing homes. c. How can it retain experienced staff and still limit costs? Job analysis Job description Job specification Recruiting Degree Employee training By offering the employee benefit package will still limit company cost d.
Are promotions available for any of the staff? What is the career ladder? Performance appraisal or evaluation is used to provide employee with performance feedback, to serve as a basis for distributing reward. e. How will the company manage therapists at five different locations? How will it keep in touch them (computer, voice mail, monthly meetings)? Would it make more sense to have therapists work permanently at each location rather than rotate among them? They will keep it touch by iphone, computer e-mail, text messaging, morning appointments assignments. No, it will be more cost affected for the patients needed. . How will the company justify the travel costs? What other expenses might it expect? By filled out a traveling expense report employee will be reimbursement at the rate of . 27 cent a mile dependant on appointment schedule.
It will consist of the following; Date Patient name Arrival time Department time Mileage Using company vehicle has the expense of repair and maintenance. 2. Prepare a plan for the New Therapy Company to present to the nursing homes. Human Resource Planning – Forecasting the human resources that a firm will need and those that it will have available for the action to match supply and demand.Job analysis – determining the exact nature of the positions Recruiting – attracting people the apply for position Selection – Choosing and hiring the most qualified applicants Orientation – acquainting new employees with the firm Compensation – rewarding employee effort through monetary payment Benefits – providing rewards to ensure employee well-being Training Development – teaching employee new skills, new jobs, and more effective ways of doing their present jobs Performance Appraisal – assessing employees’ current and potential performance levels

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