Art Analysis: What is Art?

Published: 2021-10-02 00:05:06
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Many people think that Arts sole purpose is to entertain the audience. However, art is more than just entertainment. This topic is very important as Art can have many purposes instead of one. Besides entertainment, there are other purposes such as spreading messages and therapy.
Entertainment is something that holds the attention and enthusiasm of a crowd of people or gives joy. Entertainment can take numerous ways, especially those of a progressive response from the viewer. It is not something to be minded one's business, however, to be shared, seen, and experienced by others. Entertainment engages the watcher, by holding their attention, drawing in them with the piece, inciting an enthusiastic reaction. (Merrifield,2014) For example, talent show competition like Britain Got Talent, World of Dance competition, etc. These talent show competitions often bring the audience's laughter, happiness and many other emotions throughout the show.
Art is the expression or software of human innovative ability and imagination, usually in a visible form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated especially for their beauty or emotional power. Art can be open to interpretation, the artist may need every person to frame their own assessments on a piece, making it individual to every individual who reviews it. Anyway, on different occasions, the craftsman might need to convey a reasonable message; regardless of whether it be ideological, political, religious, or something else. Through art, individuals can express their distaste with the present state of world affairs, affect the world to take action, celebrate the individuals who have survived or accomplished extraordinary things, or show the world the true colours of the individuals who have done awful things.

Photography, specifically, is known for this – photographers flying out to creating nations to demonstrate the remainder of the world the genuine horrors of poverty and sickness, catching moments in history to be remembered forever, or to express feelings now and again when the world was not exactly certain how to indicate what it's inclination, similarly as with the well-known photo of the 'Falling Man' from the 9/11 assaults. Art enables everybody to have their say, and doesn't require individuals to be extraordinary speakers or intelligent people, they can utilize any number of materials to demonstrate the world that they have something imperative to state. What's more, it can motivate individuals, make them think or drive them energetically, it ought to never be belittled how amazing a tool art is for inciting both idea and action. It is open to everybody and can be delivered by anybody, it is a general language.
Art can also be a form of therapy. Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This allows the person to express oneself emotions artistically, whether you are an artist. Art therapy can be used to calm one’s inner-self in a way that may provide the individual with a deeper understanding of him or herself. For example, drawing, colouring, painting, doodling, and sculpting are all examples of the art form that can be used as a means of therapy. As well as helping the person by the survey, this kind of craftsmanship individuals can investigate the minds of the ‘outsiders’, see them for once as individuals being extraordinary, however yet the equivalent.
Therefore, Art does not have a​ sole​ purpose but rather has ​multiple​ purposes. Art is a form of entertainment, it carries happiness to people in general and the specialists themselves. Art can be a form of therapy. It is a form of expression which enables people to convey to a larger audience than a basic conversation can. Be that as it may, Art enables individuals to express what words often can't, and humanity gains a greater understanding of the many people within itself for it. Also, by being a form of therapy, it would allow people to feel a sense of calm and satisfied. This would affect people positively. Art likewise spread messages. Because Art can have many purposes, hence, I feel that spreading messages is one of the most important purposes of the arts. By spreading messages, people around would be able to understand what the artist is trying to covey and how it would affect anyone positively or negatively.

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