Archeological Models for Social Classification

Published: 2021-09-30 04:40:04
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Category: Social Class, Sociology, Archaeology

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The essay looks at the Cadbury Castle and surrounds, developed in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Aga, using a theoretical model developed by Service (1962), the Elmans Service Fourfold Classification, to elaborate upon the social organisation of the fort and its environment.As the Castle is usually looked at in isolation from its surroundings, this is a relatively novel approach. The site has attracted considerable architectural interest, and is also a tourist attraction in Somerset.
The essay uses the Fourfold Classification to analyse the Castle as seen in the context of the surrounding area, particularly its role in association with changes in social structure.Social hierarchy is evident from Early Iron Age, and division of communities in terms of different functions and social relations is also evident.Early hunter-gatherers with low population density gave way to changing social systems during the Bronze period. By the Romano-British period, there were signs of groups living more independently with different ways of living. Traces of artistic and religious activity are also found from earliest times, and the significance of these discussed.A movement over time from a classless community of local dwellers to a more highly structured social arrangement is traced, and comparisons made between these early eras and contemporary times.
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Title: Using archaeological models for social classification and settlement patterning explain how far the available archaeological evidence reveals developments in the social organisation of any one location in prehistoric Wessex
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