Analysis of the Partek Construction Building Company

Published: 2021-10-01 08:15:05
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In Australia and other parts of the world, most construction companies play a very pivotal role in the economic growth of a country. Combination of various engineering and other forms of technological advancements help stimulate the value and the central role played by construction companies. Though many engineering-companies do exist in Australia, Partek Industries has emerged to be one of the leading construction companies that have indeed engaged in environmentally friendly and community centred projects in the construction field.
This paper aims to discuss various issues, from an engineering perspective, related to Partek Construction Company. This technical report analyses various occupational and safety issues related to the company’s projects, the actual work done by the company including the current and past projects, the company’s location and strategic plan, occupational health and safety issues, and the issues related to its quality systems.
Work Done By Partek Construction Company Partek industries comprises of a group of companies specialised in designing and undertaking the actual construction projects both within and outside Australia. The company is located in South Australia 5031. As a leading company in Australia, Partek has over the last twenty-one years undertaken made developments and strategic decisions that aim to make it one of the top and high quality construction companies in Australia. Turner construction mission statement

In the economic year 2008-2009, the company reached the thirty million dollars mark and still plans to develop and hit the fifty million dollar turnover mark in the near future thus expanding interstate within a period of three years. Other than expanding into the general building activities, the company continues to grow at an average annual rate o 20%. It currently has more than 45 permanently employed staff. Partek Construction Company undertakes relatively wide range of building activities for various sectors both within and outside Southern Australia.
The projects which the company normally engages in relate to education, defence, healthcare, age people care, and environment. The company’s construction division currently accounts for about 70% of its business activities while the fit-out activities constitute the remaining 30% of the company. As an expansion strategy, Partek Construction Company plans to open another office in the Northern Territory within a period of two years since construction activities in this region are very strong.

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