Always Moving Forward

Published: 2021-09-27 08:05:25
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In spite f these attributes belonging to an animal, as a human, I consider these attributes significant to my being. I am constantly moving, to move on in my life, hoping to overcome events and face obstacles that are inevitably coming my way. These events that will make me happy, sad and even experience pain; it is something that I expect myself to encounter - Just as a wildebeest would expect as well. What we bring ourselves is pain but it gives us pleasure. My mind and body is as strong as the antlers on the wildebeest, which protect themselves from any dangers.
We will always be moving forward no matter the circumstances. One can say, "l was alone in the crowd," but that will never be given to express the life of a wildebeest and myself. We are constantly in a crowd or in a wildebeest's case, a heard. We are never alone, or feel alone. We are protective over the ones we love and together as a group, we choose the path that is the best choice. I always have people around me - my friends and especially my family. I am supported and loved all the time. My dad would probably be the leader of the herd.
The leader is generally the one that helps dudes his herd into the right direction and give teachings so their child can learn more. In my life, he supports me the most, he is always behind me - helping me obtain my goals and dreams. Furthermore, he will protect me from any dangers because I am his calf. I am standing in the meadows. I could feel the sun beating down on me and the wind rushing past me as it entangles in my hair. The grass is dancing in the wind, the sky is as blue as the ocean and the air is fresh. It smells like freshly born flowers from the early spring.

In the distance, a steady beat of a drum an be heard. Overlooking the meadows, I can see dark moving figures come towards me and as they slowly came forward, I could make out the image. There before me, a herd of wildebeests that makes the earth shake and the ground lift up from the crust. In Just seconds, the herd past by me in a quick motion, creating a gust of wind to run by me and I examine them carefully without fear. They were strong, with built bodies, sturdy hooves and determined faces. I look at the baby calves who are trying to catch up to the adults with all their might.
They could not run slowly. In a matter of seconds all the hooves of the wild animals are all in sync. The baby calves became strong and fast and matched the rhythm of the adult wildebeests. They have that same look as the adults, fierce and driven. I watch the herd as I see them slowly fading away into the horizon, continuing to move on without hesitation. I am the baby calf. I was Just born and welcomed into this world, a world where I have the ability to learn fast and absorb my surroundings. In other words, I would Jump the gun to do anything to reach my goal.
Every day, I constantly pick up information from the people and things around me. I feed on what is happening all around my community, Just as a wildebeest would feed on the grass that is their land. Though humans and animals seem like two very different things, they are Just as similar as cats and dogs. To conclude, the attributes of a wildebeest is alike to myself because of we persevere through the challenges, we are protective and we are fast learners. In any situation, I will not give up; I will work hard until I have reached my goal - that is a promise.

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