Age of Adaline

Published: 2021-09-29 05:15:03
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"Time is nothing without love." In the film entitled "The Age of Adaline" directed by Lee Toland Krieger, the world has changed in the last century but Adaline has not. Yes, Adaline Bowman lived as a sophisticated young lady yet still lack of love. Though she fell in love several times, she failed it over and over again and that's because of her condition. Adaline Bowman is ageless. For one hundred and seven years she still looks like a twenty nine-year old lady running away, changing her identity and lying to good people.
Adaline Bowman was born on January 1st, 1908 at 12:01 am. At 1929, she met Clarence James Prescott, a young engineer and after eighty seven days they got married and had a baby girl named Fleming. Then, her husband died during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Adaline got into an accident, her car fell off the bridge then a bolt of lightning struck her car causing Adaline's heart to beat again and because of this Adaline will never age.
Every now and then, she's moving and changing her identity to protect her secret. Ellis Jones' heart was captivated by Jenny's charm, Adaline's current alias, he pursue her; however, Jenny is hesitant because she's afraid of attachment. But then again, her daughter Fleming made her realized that she deserved to be loved. Ellis brought her to his home to meet his parents, and there she met again the man she once loved?

William Jones, father of Ellis. William had a supposition that Jenny is Adaline so he confronted her and Jenny revealed her secret that she is Adaline and she's not aging. Once more, she runs away but realized that she's tired of running and it is time to face her fears. However, she got into accident again and her heart stopped beating. Adaline is dead. Paramedics tried to revive Adaline's heart through defibrillators causing her heart to beat again. She doesn't want to waste her last chance, she told Ellis her secret. He accepted her despite of her condition because he loves her. After one year, she noticed that she's having white hairs. At last, she's normal again.
This film is a representation of occurrences in real life. Full of lessons that will make us realize how valuable time is and that we should treasure every single minute with our loved ones. However, in Adaline's case, she had all the time to live for hundreds of years, yet something is missing? and that missing piece is love. She's always running away because she's terrified that she would not be accepted. Her condition makes her unusual and different from other people.
Even though we might think that it is a wonderful thing not to age another day, there's still a stumbling block. All your loved ones will age and you'll be left behind. You'll never experience having white hair, the moment to grow old with your partner, and you'll never say the quote, "till death so as part".

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