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Published: 2021-10-01 22:35:06
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So far, nearly 100 million animals have been used for experiments annually. Many people have been arguing whether animal testing be banned? Obviously, the answer is animal testing should not be banned. Due to animal can be tested to ensure the safety of some cosmetics, animal testing has contributed to many life-saving and treatment and animal testing has also benefited on animal themselves, so animal testing has become an indispensable part of human development.
To begin with, animal can be tested in order to ensure the safety of some cosmetics. Personal care products will be used an average of 12 in American woman, and animal testing can better protect humans from cosmetic damage before they use cosmetics. According to American Food and Drug in the article (2017), animal testing definitely should be used in cosmetics because animal testing can ensure the safety of products or ingredients. For example, sunscreens and anti-dandruff shampoos include some chemical compositions that cause chemical changes that maybe harmful to human’s body. Human use these untested cosmetics and base on the average daily use of cosmetics in the United States, the security of ourselves will be riskier. Therefore, the safety of cosmetics cannot without animal testing.
Furthermore, animal testing has contributed to save our lives. Every life is very precious, and no one wants to leave this beautiful world because of illness. Dr.Chris in animal research (2013) states that “we wouldn't have a vaccine for hepatitis C without chimpanzees," Hepatitis C is a disease that thousands of American were killed annually. Animal testing is an important way of solving disease problems. Simon in the article (2008) says some medicine has already applied, such as antibiotics, anesthetic, organ transplants, and diabetes insulin are all breakthroughs in animal testing. These results have successfully saved millions of humans around the world. Animal testing has become an indispensable part of saving lives. Therefore, this is why animal testing has contributed a lot to save our lives.

In addition, animal testing has also benefited on animal themselves. Dogs are one of our most loyal partners and no one wants them to suffer illness. According to American Food and Drug in the article (2016), a drug from animal testing helps 80% of dogs with lymphoma. The Foundation for Biomedical Research\'s animal research campaign in the Brochure (2017) also states that animal testing has improved and saved the lives of pets. These contributions are good for the animals to solve the disease. For example, rabies, infectious hepatitis and tetanus of animals can be solved by drugs with animal testing. So, animal testing also helps animal to benefit themselves.

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