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Published: 2021-09-28 08:10:04
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Introduction: On October 8, The Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was named the winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
An overwhelming majority of governments and organizations around the world appreciate the dedication of Liu for his long time pursuing of human-rights improvement in China. Be that as it may, China has blockaded the news which sounds ridiculous to the standpoint of almost all the Chinese people. Recently, the comments of this controversial phenomenon, not exaggerative to say, as one falls another rises.In my point of view it’s not a problem of who is right or wrong, which importantly counts is the respect for China. Closely following behind are the statements and analyses. Development: ?diverse actions Chinese Foreign Ministry: It's a complete violation of the principles of the prize and an insult to the Peace Prize itself for the Nobel committee to award the prize to such a person. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the prize for defending freedom of expression and democracy in a way that deserves attention and respect.
US President Barak Obama: This award reminds us that political reform has not kept pace, and that the basic human rights of every man, woman and child must be respected. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s office: The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo of China is recognition of the growing international consensus for improving human rights practices and culture around the world. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner: This decision embodies the defense of human rights everywhere in the world.The Dalai Lama: Awarding the Peace Prize to him is the international community's recognition of the increasing voices among the Chinese people in pushing China towards political, legal and constitutional reforms. …… As you can see, nearly all the foreign people support Liu, which to some extent shows no respect for the cultures and customs of China. The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to people who "promote national harmony and international friendship, who promote disarmament and peace".It was against the Mr.

Nobel's wishes when the Nobel Committee gave the prize to Liu, a criminal violated Chinese law. To Chinese people, especially those in political positions, this kind of support is more a curse than a blessing. Though there is an element of plausibility in those arguments put forward by the advocates of Liu, I tend to agree that over the last dozens of years, China has been in an era of enlightenment and progress. The standard of living also reached the expectation of citizens.Not to mention the rules, laws and even details that put human being at the center, and that deter and minimize deception, corruption and scandals. ? asking for release The United States has called on China to end the apparent house arrest of the wife of Nobel Peace Prize winner and jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo. “His wife's rights should be respected, and she should be allowed to move freely without harassment.
” Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said the release by China of the detained Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is "desirable".The government of Norway, where the Nobel prize is based, said China's reaction was "inappropriate". The European Union has called for his release. The increasing number of people who ask for the release of Liu is really exerting a lot more pressure on the judicial system of China than it is designed to deal with. To make a clearer impression of Liu, he is known as an annoyance to the Chinese Communist Party and currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for "subverting state power".To be honest, China may not do well enough in some parts. Nevertheless, no country is perfect in every aspect.
In this case, I think we should bridge the cultural differences between China and other countries, which hopefully leading to understanding, tolerance and even appreciation of different cultures and customs, which is the very theme of “avatar”. Anyhow, China is not a queen who not only reign but also rain. None of the country leaders do not want to gain the peacefulness through their governance.People should be endowed with a global perspective to prevent their views and ideas from being too one-sided or suburban by listening to, comparing and even absorbing different opinions. Sometimes foreigner should stand at our side to rethink about the question in hand. Will you allow a non necessary reform appear along with disorders in public, while most of us live in happiness and satisfy with the measures country adopts now? ?the relationship between two countriesNorway has been left scrambling to contain damage to its relations with China after the award of the Nobel peace prize to a Chinese dissident caused anger in Beijing. “We wish to continue our fruitful co-operation in all fields with China," Norwegian foreign ministry spokeswoman Ragnhild Imerslund said.
According to the statements of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu will bring damage to two-way relations. The Beijing government summoned the Norwegian ambassador in protest. It called Mr.Liu a "criminal", saying the award violated Nobel principles and could damage relations with Norway. It is hard to say whether the event would disrupt the relations. However this is not the first time China has been offended by the committee’s choice. Past winners include the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, in 1989 for efforts to liberate the Chinese territory.
What we just have known now is the cancellation of visits to Norway and from Norway. Conflicts are inevitable, yet Norway has to express esteem to China, as a basic manner to get along with.In recent years, the relationships between two countries have maintained sound development, which produces favorable effects in terms of commerce and trade. The disruption of the relations would be conductive to nobody. Neither of the countries is willing to end up the relationship with such an event. Norway is trying their best to diminish the impact, and the outcome is worth a further notice. Conclusion: From what has been analyzed above, we naturally come to the conclusion that China should be understood and showed respect to.
Although there are a variety of thoughts throughout the world, they may be merged and intermingled to only one expectation. That is to say, all the people involved want to underscores the links between development, democracy and universal human rights. China has the competence to achieve the common goal, whereas. Foreign countries do not have to push China to release Liu. I think after a period time, China would solve the problem in a satisfactory approach, such as who to accept the award, how to handle the conditions of Liu, and how to reduce to influence of the relationship between China and Norway, and so forth.

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