A Passage to India – Analysis

Published: 2021-09-29 15:20:03
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The novel and film ‘A Passage to India’ written by Forster and directed by Lean is about the Society of British people in India. Mrs. Moore and Adela Quested arrived in Chandrapore, India because Mrs. Moore’s son Ronny and Adela are recently engaged. However, when they arrived they sensed, and were quickly trapped in, a prejudiced British community which misuses the natives of India and abuses them throughout the whole novel and film. ‘A Passage to India’. The film is directed by Lean presents and emphasis meaning throughout the film.
An example of presenting meaning is when it is the scene when you see Mrs. Moore standing up for ‘God save the Queen’ and you see her directing her view slowly towards the Ganges. Lean uses the glance to turn down the music, presumably at the time that Mrs. Moore’s attention is transferred to the magnificence of the river. As time goes by when she is viewing the Ganges, you hear ‘God save the Queen’s’ volume dimming, this represents silence when is just looking, during this time she is just reflecting on things which have recently happened which she thinks is wrong.
Lean at times presents the moon, the night sky and the expanses of the Ganges. Few examples of where Mrs. Moore is shown with the moon, night sky and the expanses of the Ganges, the first example is when you see Mrs. Moore entering the Moslim mosque which Dr. Aziz was there reflecting and Mrs. Moore for the first time looks out to the Ganges with the night sky so close. An another scene is when Mrs. Moore and Adela are on the train and while the train is crossing the bridge the night sky and expanses of the Ganges are shown. Another scene is when Mrs.

Moore is on the ship leaving Chandrapore and she is seen by the deck reflecting on the recent things, the night sky is shown and the expanses, She finally dies after suffering from her heart condition. Lean presents a scene at the club when they were playing English songs such as, ‘God save the Queen’, ‘Tea for two’ and more. From this we can say that Lean presents the Indians as serving, There is no real meaning because all that they are doing is taking time away from their own lives to perform what they don’t really understand.
They are merely used to imprint the British culture is rendered with seeming pride and enthusiasm. Lean shows Mrs. Moore and Godbole as characters who technically do not talk with each other but they do recognize and appreciates each others time. A good example of a scene where Godbole and Mrs. Moore are communicating without words spoken is the scene where Mrs. Moore is on the train and leaving Chandrapore, Godbole walks out of his temple and does a hand sign in the rear darkness. Mrs. Moore responds in a wave that seems to deepen the silence to meaning.

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