Keynote Address

Speaker: Raj Lohani

Director of Business Analytics & Market Insights, Medtronic, Inc.

Talk: "Underlying barriers to BI in organizations and lessons learned towards their remediation"

BI's ability to improve an organization’s understanding of and approach to their market based on data-driven facts and insights is well understood; however, the effectiveness and real-world impact of the effort have been harder to achieve and sustain. Raj will highlight thematic barriers to BI that plague businesses, and more importantly, share some lessons learned towards remediation and advancing of the BI agenda.


Raj Lohani is the Director of Business Analytics and Market Insights (BAMI) for Medtronic Neuromodulation. In his role since joining the company in August 2011, Raj is responsible for quantitative decision support for all Neuromodulation therapies that cumulatively account for about $2 Billion in annual revenues. Pursuing a mission to create business advantage through actionable intelligence, Raj strives to leverage insights and analytics that integrate information from across the business - market research, financial forecasting, business analytics, competitive intelligence, customer relationship management as well as marketplace and environmental factors - to guide and optimize business decisions in a hyper-competitive market environment.

Prior to Medtronic Raj served as Vice President of Strategic Insights & Analytics at Cardinal Health - where he led the monitoring, analyzing and communicating of market trends and insights to shape business strategies and actions for a $90 billion business unit. Prior to Cardinal, Raj led the Marketing Sciences function at Roche Diagnostics, where he directed the design, development and execution of all custom and standardized research/analysis as well as the company’s strategic planning process.

Academically, Raj holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science Degree in Business Management.